KNLY 91.1 FM


As a trusted and noncommercial source for music, news, arts, culture and education, KNLY 91.1 FM THE BOSS, enriches the relationships Houstonians have with their communities, locally and beyond geographic boundaries.

Partner with us to become a brand preferred and shared with others.

Our Values

The cumulative actions and overall development of KNLY 91.1FM The Boss rely on the following values:

  • Inclusion
  • Dynamism
  • Integrity
  • Respect
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    Produce and broadcast audiovisual (Radio FM and Multimedia) content to educate, entertain and inform the community. At the same time, an ally for companies that use this multimedia channel to maximize their brand awareness to the community of their products, and services, giving a sense of regional growth and prosperity.

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    KNLY 91.1 FM The Boss will be a leader and an innovative communication channel with the spirit of service and professionalism to captivate the American and Hispanic communities and keep them entertained through varied and educational programming.

  • 3

    – To continue promoting Houston’s rich cultural heritage and resources to a national audience through network distribution of locally produced programs.

    – To continue giving its listeners a thoughtful, and well-balanced coverage of current events, personalities, and social, political, and cultural issues that affect them in their daily lives.

    – To continue working as a full partner with community arts organizations to advance and enrich the cultural life of the Houston area.

Redefining Radio
with a new concept in Texas

Our station redefines how radio is produced these days by updating how other stations reproduce Mp3 Audio files to Video Mp4 broadcasting in Full HD 1920 X 1080 pixels per second. With this update, watch live and interact with the hosts, co-hosts, and guests through our multi-platform channels in real-time.

Broadcasting live from the beautiful city of The Woodlands, Texas, through our dial 91.1 FM and Live Streaming through our Multimedia platforms that include social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Periscope & YouTube maximize the exposure of the typical radio station. Positioning our signal in the digital platforms for smart TVs, including Fire Stick, Apple Tv, and Roku.

We strive to bridge the gap between people and cultures and enable listeners to hear and watch a fusion of genres. Our robust programming provides a trusted environment for the community.


Our coverage area provides the signal to almost 22 cities, on the North Side of Houston, with a +1.4M potential listeners. From Houston (North Beltway 8) through Livingston


Our worldwide connection through live streaming, & Social Media apps maximizes our Sponsors brand's exposure and increases brand awareness with more interactions in the community.


In this new era, KNLY 91.1 FM The Boss targeted the digital area by broadcasting live through smartphones and Smarts TVs applications. The audience can watch live all the content and previous episodes 24/7 from the comfort of their audience's home around the World without any FM coverage limitation.

How We Work For The Future

In KNLY 91.1FM The Boss we are here to provide the best solutions to this globalized world with the technology and services that will maximize the exposure and interactions between brands and customers.


Radio FM

Broadcasting to a Full Power FM dial 91.1 to provide an exposure to your brand.



Social Media Ads and Live Broadcast, providing and alternative to position your brand to the targeted customers. in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and Tumblr,



With our Web livestreaming and Smart TV App, we get Radio to the next level, position your brands with visual to every home. in Apple & Google Stores, Firestick, Roku and more„.



The New Era of pre-recorded show. We published and manage your podcast to be distributed on podcast platforms such as: Spotify, Aplle & Google Podcast.


Brand Development

With our expertise we can develop your brand, from logo, slogan, design, web design, marketing materials and much


Video Marketing

We can create your strategy for posting in social media and position your brand, product or service where you want.

Be part of our
Appreciated Sponsors.

Our Sponsorship Program helps Northwood Hispanic Communication Center and KNLY 91.1 FM to continue broadcasting quality content on our platform for our community.

You can be a sponsor through a specific Radio Show or the entire programming of the station. As gratitude, we underwrite your brand, product, or service with a 15-20 Seconds Radio TV Spot programmed in rotation on our station every day.

Currently, KNLY 91.1Fm The Boss is becoming a Non-Profit Station at the Federal level. Once we complete the process, you will be able to write off your donation.

What we offers

In this new digital era, our station offers our clients multi-platforms to maximize the exposure of your brands, products, or services by creating ads for Social media, radio, and TV is used simultaneously.

With underwriting spots broadcasted on our multiplatform channels, maximize the exposure and interaction of your brand with the community.


Underwriting Commercials

We offer 15, 30 & 60 Seconds Underwriting spots ready to air on Radio, TV, Social Media, and any other digital platforms such as Podcasts or the web.

This underwriting spot is recorded in Video TV format, used for Radio, TV, and Social Media apps to maximize the exposure.



Our experts will help you with the branding of your new business, product, or services, from Logo, Slogan, Marketing Strategies, Social Media, and much more.

This Option is available as a separate package, and it is offered to provide help for new business owners to start their businesses.


Live Shows & Podcast

We have the Studio to broadcast live your Show and prerecord your podcast; we got what you need for the distribution of your Show on all multimedia platforms.

From Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, Editions, Sounds SFX, Thumbnails, and posting your Podcast, everything is together in this package.


We are a Full Power NPR station with 15KW of power. We can reach a potential listening audience of over 1.4 Million, over 22 cities in the North side of Houston Texas.

Out of Coverage area? No problem, you can reach our 24/7 signal on our Multimedia & Digital platforms (Apps Stores) including potcast, find us as

With our FM Coverage you can:


Radio is an extremely available service. Outside of the few premium radio services, anyone can listen to radio on their phone, in a car, or on their computer — all at no charge.


Radio is a emotional medium — which means that highly creative commercials drive great response.


Radio is an extremely diverse media outlet. With programming for almost every imaginable category, there is an advertising opportunity tuned to your advertising needs. Selling cars, books, clothing, services, appliances, or more — there is a program category for you.

Sponsorship Packages

When you underwrite KNLY 91.1FM, you have the daily opportunity to tell our listeners and online audience that you value programming that not only entertains but also teaches, inspires, and broadens horizons. Supporting our programming communicates that your company sees the importance of supporting something the listeners’ value.

A company with a presence on Bilingual public radio and television is a company that shares its values. It is a company with which they are more likely to do business. This “halo effect” is the ultimate connection between your company and our audience.


  • 8 Underwritting Spots per Day
  • 4 Live Mentions
  • 1 Posting on Social Media per Month


  • 12 Underwritting Spots per Day
  • 8 Live Mentions
  • 8 Posting on Social Media per Month
  • Brand Awareness on webpage


  • 16 Underwritting Spots per Day
  • 16 Live Mentions
  • 4 Posting on Social Media per week
  • Brand Awareness on webpage