Tish Sotello TDS Biography Proof

TDS co-founder and graduate of University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, started in the nursing field as a patient advocate to begin her professional career. This lead to a consulting and professional; thus leading to the founding of The Sotello Group LLC, Synergy Taxes & Notary, Drenched Hue Swim and Harvest Minds, Inc. as a distinguished entrepreneur whose unique approach in team building, coaching and logistics development is uniquely qualified to assist in the advancement of small to medium sized business owners and provide transformative coaching of staffs/teams to individually and collectively achieve their collective goals and aspirations.

As part of the training series specifically designed for the ambitious professional, Tish will deliver a class for attendees of the "TDS" Success Platform on the topic of Commitment to Growth and Individual Brand Development.

Since 2001, Tish Sotello has served as trainer, management consultant and executive coach. She is a recognized leader in the field of logistics, development and executive coaching.

Tish’s work with many small to medium sized public and private sector organizations has taken her around the country as a mainstay in the development of programs and strategies to help the Micro Owner – Mini CEO. Her in depth knowledge and keen eye for detail has secured client devotion and dependence which has no peer in the marketplace. Tish Sotello brings forth an understated leadership principle; whose commitment to excellence is her most impactful quality.

Tish’s mission is to empower executives and organizations to write their own future rather than be limited to a future that is thrust upon them by history or circumstance. TDS core principle is "Life is Inevitable"; yet, preparation and development of an ideology to pivot is what separates TDS and Tish Sotello.

As a powerful speaker and course leader, she co-leads and has led personal development seminars and leadership trainings for thousands of people throughout her and her TDS’s partners multifaceted career. Her love of people and commitment to making a difference are a source of energy and value to her clients who come to her with a variety of goals to accomplish.

As CEO and Founder of The Sotello Group, a financial services consortium, she manages and leads a staff of 15 in two office locations in Houston, Texas. With over 25 years of business consulting experience, this has led Tish to understand the needs of both the aspiring and established entrepreneur in ever changing economies.

At the time she began burnishing her skills as a trainer, business consultant and logistics strategist. Tish began sharing the power of living a transformative life for her clients. Being a transformative business trainer led Tish to be the Co-Founder of The Duo Speaks.

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